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Fw: Vet Board Letter

This site is relevant for all you people who feed garlic, etc and many
others! It's just a little bit old, tho

 >I can only wonder what will happen to this profession (both human >and
equines) if such silly laws are passed.  Soon, I imagine, we will >not be
able to buy herbs or vitamins over the counter.  It always >seems to be
about money and control.
> >We may consider them silly, and as such we tend not to take
>them too seriously, but they are just the vanguard of things to come, >if
the giant pharmaceutical companies get their way.   :(
>which is a Canadian source.
>Consumer Health Organization of Canada,
>1220 Sheppard Ave. E., Ste. 412,
>Toronto, Ontario M2K2S5.
> phone: 416-490-0986; fax 416-490-9949; email:
>; website:

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