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Visiting San Antonio, TX

Hi, I was wondering if there are any endurance riders on ridecamp that live 
close to San Antonio, TX that would be willing to hook up with me, and maybe 
let me ride in TX, so I can say that I have.  I live on the East Coast of FL, 
have 4 horses, ride endurance---have done several 50's, lots of LD, had a 
little success and lots of fun.  I will be flying into San Antonio on Sat Jan 
29.  I have a business meeting I have to go to Feb 2-4, but am pretty 
flexible the rest of the time.  We were going to go down to Mexico one day, 
but otherwise just site seeing.  I am not looking to take up a lot of 
anyone's time, but just wanted to do something "horsey" while I am away(will 
be away from my own horses for 9 days---that is a long time for me)....even 
and invite to just look around an impressive farm---an excuse to rent a car 
and "go" somewhere, and would be willing to pay for your time or I would be 
glad to reciprocate, as I am only an hour from Disney World in Orlando, 
    If you need a recommendation for me to verify that I am trust worthy and 
a pretty decent rider, most of the tack venders on this forum have my credit 
card number on file---they can tell you I am legitimate---I think---namely 
Teddy Lancaster, I think everyone knows her.  
    Sorry this is a little "off" subject, you can email me privately if you can help me out.  Thanks ya'll.

Rae Bolton

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