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Re: Pre Purchase Exams

Hi Liz
As as already been pointed out the usefulness of flexion tests depends on
the person doing them.
If a horse fails a flexion test then this should be followed up with X-rays
of the joint in question.
My Russian mare Getera "failed" the flexion test at the pre-purchase
examination (think I've talked about this already).  The vet suggested
X-rays of the hock joint which revealed bone spavin.  The vet's opinion was
that the spavin was not likely to affect the horse's competitive future (he
knew she was destined for endurance) and reckoned the risk was worth taking.
I did however get 1000 taken off the price as recognition by the owner of
the "risk" I was taking.
This mare went on to to do 6 seasons endurance and was a 200kms specialist.
She retired sound, to breed, otherwise would have continued on doing more
This is only one case in point but I don't think a decision can be taken on
the flexion test alone.  If you like the horse and his limbs are correct go
for X-rays.
SW France

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> I think that they are a really good idea.  I would not buy a horse that
> didn't pass a flexion test.  These tests may point out problems that
> haven't become apparant to the seller yet, such as early arthritis.
> Trusting the vet now can prevent heartache and expense in a year!
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