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Re: RC: Panacur Dosage X 2

Laura Nielsen wrote:
> Heidi, Cheryl, Sarah....
> Any comments on the recent post recommending dosing with 2x the normal
> amount of Panacur wormer for 5 consecutive days as a safe, effective way
> to eliminate encysted small strongyles.
> Has anyone tried this "recommended method" and, if so, what were the
> results?
> If Panacur does not have a LD (as noted in the above mentioned post)
> does it effect the strongyles in a manner other than poisoning?  Guess
> what I'm really asking is, how can this wormer not have a LD dosage?
> Big thanks,
> Laura,
> N. Fla.

It seems like a lot of trouble to go too and added expense when 1 dose
of Quest would do the trick in April.


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