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Re: RC: President's cup results, Abu Dhabi

In a message dated 01/25/2000 2:00:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

 LOL!  And THAT, Teddy, was the best part of your whold post!  :-)
 Heidi (still waiting for those scientifically controlled studies to show 
 the horse couldn't have done just as well without it...)
Now Heidi,

I do have to say that I purchased Tom's book from Teddy at the Fall Fling at 
Biltmore last fall and started reading and following some of his ideas and 
techniques and have had good results.  We had a so so horse and she is now 
coming into her own.  At Oceola we (my wife) were racing to the finish in the 
50 with two other horses and she pulled up with twenty yards to go because of 
all the congestion at the finish line and came in third.  However she got BC 
even with a Heavyweight and Lightweight finishing in front of her (she is a 
Featherweight).  BC vet said our mare was one of the best conditioned horses 
that he'd ever seen after doing a 50 in 4:01.  Since following some of Tom's 
advice our other horses are improving greatly.  I'm not saying that he knows 
everything about endurance at all, I'm just saying that he make a lot of 
sense about some of his training ideas in his book.   

Not trying to get the Tom Ivers thing going again.  I just liked his book.


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