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Lopsided mare?

Hi guys,
    I just found something new on Sonny, my black mare.  I got a new saddle
for Christmas and both times I've used it, the blanket has moved back under
the saddle in the right wither/shoulder area.  After the 2nd time it
happened, I looked at her from the rear - without the saddle - and I can see
that her right wither/shoulder area is bigger than her left side in the same
area.  The muscles that is...
    I don't recall ever having this happen before and I'd like to know the
why's, etc and what to do about it, how to work through it...   I also
noticed a dry spot on her right wither.
    I think this could be due to her being roped on alot lately.   I do both
Limited Distance and teamroping with her.  Teamroping, the heeling part, is
done on the left lead always and I've been heeling alot on her lately.
    Question :  Is all this work on the left lead making her right shoulder
bigger??  And how do I compensate for this so she doesn't wind up with a
sore back when I am doing regular conditioning or LD?  Do I need to quit
roping if I'm going to do an LD in a couple of months?
    Thanks in advance,
Rachael (picking thorns out of my elbow from a run in with a cactus)
and Sonny (m-o-o-o-m-m, shhhh!  I'm a delicate little flower not a LD/ropin'
and Saber (resident Ayyy-rab, king of all he surveys, 'cept for Sonny)
in S. Texas

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