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Re: RC: SERA/vet lines discussion

Hmmm....I've found there to be rides where they had enough  vets 
and split the distance's starting times and there was still a line....I 
don't think Ken was talking about waiting an hour - I think he was 
talking about any wait longer than getting your P/R and walking 

Come to think of it why do you have to go thru right after you get 
your P/R ? Is there something really obvious I'm missing? You have 
30 minutes from your in-time to get your P/R, right? That's the 
crucial marker as how quickly you get your P/R and time down 
determines your out time. Once you have your out time what if you 
didn't go right thru? What if you let your horse eat/drink for 10 - 15 
minutes while the line goes down and then go through?

Someone help me out - any rule about how soon you have to go thru 
after getting your P/R - you just have to have gone thru before your 
out time, right?


On 25 Jan 00, at 5:11, wrote:

> Jean Wonser
> Most of the rides I ever stood in a line more than five
> minutes simply had not hired enough Vets/and or had
> not spread ;the distances by enough time;
> Jean Wonser
> FL AERC 5352
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