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To all who ride the Santa Monicas:
I just received an astounding phone call from Boyd Zontelli - I can hardly 
believe this and you should know: The Triunfo Homeowners Association is 
introducing a plan to shut down the santa Monicas to horses!!!! There is a 
meeting at the L.A. Regional Planning Office on wednesday morning, Boyd 
thinks at 8AM but will let me know. Aside fom the utter selfishness of this 
'homeowners firing line" is the very idea that any one small group could 
dictate not only our lifestyles but what ultimately reults in the loss of 
property values. 

Clearly, this group must be stoppe fom their plan. Boyd was not sure how long 
this sculduggery has been percolating, but will be advising me when he finds 
out. While any group porposing such a change is required to give sufficient 
and widepsread notice of pending public hearings - and 2 days hardly 
qualifies, there are numerous and varied issues to press with this group. 

Anyone with additional knowledge of this group and their plans please advise 
by email In the meantime, anyone and everyone who rides in the mountains 
and/or attends the Malibu ride, please make plans to attend this hearing or 
send a representative.

Please call your local representatives and remind them of their duty and of 
the very reason that many of us moved here in the first place, and it wasn't 
to play tennis! I have forwarded this to everyone on my list who has ever 
SEEN a horse, to otehrs who attend the Malibu ride, and also to one of our 
own coucilmembers who has a horse, and finally, to Mr. Zev Yaroslavsky. 
Clearly, thsi needs immediate attention, as it appears that this is some kind 
of an end run around a LARGE majority of homeowners who live here because 
they CAN ride their horses in the park. I wonder how the skiers would like it 
if we kicked them out of Mammoth. Same principle - and I personally cannot 
FATHOM the reason. Please pass this on to everyone you know who ides.

Sandy Adams

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