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SERA Convention, was Re: RC: Doe Lake

> If the Party being discussed here is going to be like the one in the Holiday
> Inn Saturday night(past) I think I'll keep the Freightliner at home.  That way
> I'll have enough money left to do at least one more ride this year.  The SERA
> convention was a humm dinger for the party animals.  Gees, can Carlos boogie! 

Was that a party or what?!?!  Hadn't had that much fun in ages.  And it
was soooo nice of Jerry to pick up the tab!  He's lucky we couldn't
remember his room number to keep it going after he and Diane left us,
tho. <BG>

The SERA convention this year was *really* worth the 6-hr drive for me.
The seminars Sat morning were terrific, lots of good info presented in an
easy-listen format <g> ... the business meetings that afternoon were
interesting and <ahem> lively, to say the least ... and the dinner & party
that night were awesome!  I was so tired and sore the next morning, I
thought I'd done a 50 on the dance floor. :)  

I finally got to put faces to a few more names & email .sigs off Ridecamp,
and once again was reminded that it's the people in this sport that are
its greatest asset. :))

Glenda & Lakota
Mobile, AL
AERC # M18819 & H27310
SE Region

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