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Re: RC: Re: Arab shows

In a message dated 1/24/00 4:27:42 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< i hear those BRR horses are very nice- I am a Crabbet breeder too, and
 thoroughly enjoy going and showing at teh Crabbet Celebration every year
 in VA (or East Coast).
 The horses always look happy and everyone is just like on here- friendly
 and willing to help out. It's definitely worth it.
 Gwen >>

Yes, Gwen, they are--and the program has been around for a long time with 
other initials.  Lois Russell (owner of Bend in the River Ranch) also bred 
AERC Hall of Famer RT Muffin, as well as this year's Tevis winner BRR Aurber 
Lights (whose sire, BTW, is a half-brother to RT Muffin and has sired several 
other successful endurance horses).  One of our stallions, Aur Bold Tribute, 
was bred by Lois and is a paternal half-brother to Aurber--he got his 
endurance start at age 15 after being a "stall potato" for the eight years 
before we bought him, but managed to be 8th in the Jim Jones standings in 
1998.  Yes, Lois breeds some great horses!


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