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Glass Eyes??

Okay guys!
One last idea blast here before I pack my car and dodge snow storms and
head south to do the FOF ride horses and rub horses on the way.....

My latest horse-boarding addition out here is a 20-yr old 1/4 Morgan, 3/4
QH (!), Calypso, who is a dark bay, with a wide blaze, big socks and ....
(rolls the drums....)
TWO, I repeat, TWO glass eyes (i.e. light blue)!!!!!  I don't think I
have ever seen this color lay-out before, have you?  Pretty wild looking.
 Easy to find in the dark!  So, blue eyes on dark bod = what kinda
personality?  I have worked on maybe 2 horses with white-rimmed eyes on
one side - out of over 1200 horses that I've massaged, and the millions
I've ever seen (like all of you, right?) and boy, are they strange-acting
on THAT side of the body.  So, whadaya'll think?  Heidi? Bob Morris?
Breeders, vets, riders, et al...?  Ever spotted one of these critters?

Karen in PA

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