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Re: Where to live

>Boy, you've got that right!  You could get me back to the Bitteroot valley, 
>but no further east--not in winter, anyway...  :-)
>(Spent one winter outside of Great Falls, with hi temp for the entire MONTH 
>of January of -10, and low somewhere around -55--and that's BEFORE adding 
>wind chill!)

Boy, that brings back memories for me too!  I spent a year in Helena until
I moved to California (SF Bay area) and, while the fishing and hiking was
great in the summer, the winter was pretty bad.  I remember sitting on the
hood of my pick up truck (my only vehicle) and installing an in-line heater
so the truck would get me to work in the morning.  At -30, not much starts
after a couple of hours of just sitting outside!!  I grew up in northern
Minnesota and I think the two areas would be tied in the winter
severity...oh, and add North Dakota to that list. ;-)  (Shhh...I *love*
Washington. <g>)

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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