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UAE Ride

Hey all,

Just got a phone call from Nina.  She was walking to the starting line and 
all was well with Goat,  (St. Patrick Z).  Valerie is not riding Jedi as she 
didn't feel he was 100% and was taking no chances.  Nina didn't know what 
horse she was going to be riding now. Betty Baker and Corky were riding along 
side of her so I wished them both great good luck from all of us who had to 
stay at home....Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh.  The weight requirement was almost 170 
pounds so she had to add some more weight to her little skinny self but made 
it.  She will try to call some more during the race and of course at the 
finish and I will try to pass on results..

Susan K  *Proud MOM

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