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Re: RC: Tevis...

In a message dated 1/23/00 3:42:55 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I was wondering, how many of you have done tevis, how many times, what 
 did you finish, how many times have you attempted it and IS IT REALLY THAT 
 SCARY AND HARD?  (I mean, I'm sure it is difficult but how 
 difficult....cougar rock looks soooo fun!) >>

LOL Renee -- I bet you'll get some posts from people who didn't read all the 
way to the end of your message!  I have ridden the Tevis 4 times and finished 
3 (my horse finished 2 times with his previous owner).  So, he has 5 Tevis 
buckles -- the horse that is.  Yes, it is very hard and challenging and very 
scary.  Also, very rewarding. I was lucky enough to ride with a good friend 
my first couple of years (she has 13 Tevis buckles).  I've ridden my horse 
over Cougar Rock twice and gone around twice (there is a trail around now).  
I definitely recommend going around -- lots of nasty accidents on that bad 
rock -- If you make it over, the pictures are awesome though :))  We've never 
raced but did finish 30th one year which was great (my family/crew were 
ecstatic -- they got to bed by 2:00 a.m.)   We also finished at about 78th 
one year at 4:58 (two minutes before cut-off).   Believe it or not there were 
about 30 horses behind us! (Ride management forgave some time penalty points 
because of a traffic jam at one of the VCs).  I know you were joking about 
racing the Tevis (I like your style).   This ride takes tons of preparation 
and training for both horse and rider.  It is a challenge that is well worth 
the effort involved.  I wish you the best of luck in your budding endurance 


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