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Re: Ski-joering

>John thinks southern climates could use a skateboard, but I'd like
to>see somebody try it with roller blades.  That should be
exciting.<g>>For all us oldies, we just have to sneak our kid's >blades
away when>they're not looking.

It's already been done.  Isaiah (my ex-horse) towed the neighborhood kids
up hills by his tail.
When I was little I used to pull the other kids on their sleds with my
pony.  I didn't use a saddle, so I'd hold the end of the rope across my
stomach and tighten the muscles.  The important thing was to start very
gradually or it would yank me off. The problem was that with a 30' rope
running back to the sled, it took much wider turns than I did.  I was
once galloping her on the baseball field towing a sled and there were
some bleachers in the outfield left from peewee football season.  I was
looking back at the sled, the pony missed the bleachers, but I almost
killed the kid.  It's a good thing he baled out, the sled hit pretty


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