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where to live

Well, just like different breeds of horses, there are good and bad to be 
said about each state.  I live in the Great Central Valley of California, an
incredible agricultural region.  The people that don't particularly like it
here say it's too flat, too hot in the summer and there's too much fog in
the winter (oh, and there's nothing to do!).  I, on the other hand, will
brag about the comparably mild weather.  We ride year round except for an
occasional rain storm (like today).  It is flat, but we are only about 1 1/2
hours from the mountains (including Yosemite).  We are also about 1 1/2-2
hours from the coast and the Bay Area (San Francisco area) for those needing
the benefits of a big city.  I particularly like the small town atmosphere
of the area I live and think this is common in the valley.  There are lots
of horse people in the valley and the cost of living is a lot less than the
rest of California.  No, I don't work for the tourism department, I just
like where I live!


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