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Re: RC: FEI rides...

For those of you who don't know Mike in person, Mike is a highly respected
engineer/engineering manager, and has been seen cantering down the trail in shiny red
tights with an ace wrap covering the huge hole in the legs...

Very shiny, very red tights. He frightened several cowboy I knew! Red tights? And a

Okay, if he's wearing the light blue button down oxford shirt, at least he doesn't
have a pocket protector in the pocket (Mike uses a personal organizer and loses pens),
but half of the shirt tail is usually hanging out. And he is known to mismatch the
buttons and button holes...

When he shows up for Quicksilver meetings, straight from work, he looks pretty good,

Mike, for FEI competition, pretend it's a job! You'll do fine.


Michael Maul wrote:

> In response to from Bob Morris...
> There is also the question of "proper attire" Your usual riding outfit WILL
> *** I see you know how I dress on rides then... |-)  engineers tend not
> to be a fashion conscious group... as your wife should know by now - being

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