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Re: RC: Conformation flaws that are "Deal Breakers"

In a message dated 9/27/00 3:24:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<<  She's a 2 year old Arab, of primarily Russian breeding. I really liked 
 ...except it looks like she's a bit calf-kneed. You can see it in the
 photo. Is this a fault that is unacceptable in any severity, or is there a
 degree at which it's an acceptable risk?

She looks beautiful!  I'm not sure what calf-kneed is though.  Could you 
describe that?  She is very well put together for a two year old!  I'm 
feeling jealous because my 2 yo is a MESS right now (sigh).  His hip sticks 
at 16 hands and his withers are 15.2 (blech).  Nice and tall, but I sure hope 
those withers do something soon!  Plus, it looks like every day some new 
angle appear on him that the other horses don't have!  Back to your prospect 
-- just from the picture that I saw I'd say she would make a good endurance 
horse.  But it is hard to tell without actually seeing the horse live and in 
person.  You'll hardly ever find a horse who is completely perfect 
conformationally and then if you do, she'll probably be a complete idiot 
mentally :)  I'd say if you feel that tug when you look at her, go for it.  
Best of luck and many happy trails.

Sylvia & Chance (Am NOT a mess...hmmph!)

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