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FEI COSTS & Time needed

Jean Wonser
The costs for FEI alone are pretty high about $240.  plus
AHSA ANOTHER $30, plus $40.  membership dues;  This is all if you
get things done on their schedule;  There is a penalty price
otherwise which is real steep;

Since we did not have a waiver in writing of those penalty
costs it seemed wiser to drop the concept for 200l Jan.
Also I would have spent the next three days doing nothing
but trying to contact another Vet and Steward from another
Region.  Chances of getting someone that far away for
reasonable cost seemed pretty remote.  We had no clue
how many riders would attend the ride for FEI and had
already determined they would bear their costs, not
the total ride.

Anyhow 'foreign' has officially been defined as 'another Region' is the USA, AS OF  YESTERDAY.  So our effort has helped everyone
in the end.

Now the other problem is the complex form for FEI.  It is a dandy
and I think with a little effort could be totally
incomprehensible.  (I even do my own Income Tax and that is a 
whiz compared to this doozy)  The problem is it may take a while to get the form filled out right.  It has to be correct because if you change something after the deadline there can be a penalty.

So if your ride is before six months you probably need to think 
about 2002 as we are doing now.

Anyhow hope this is of some aid.  There is going to be a point 
sooner rather than later that FEI will no longer waive
riding FEI for Pan Am and WEC rides (i.e. nominations).


Jean Wonser
Osceola sec'y.

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