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Re: Stalls 101

Don't know about other folks, but my horses are trained to stand by their
doors until I come in (or else they don't get fed).  They are outside all
day long and when I show up with the feed cans, they stand outside their
stall doors (we have a long shed with individual stalls in it).  I enter
first, then cluck to each horse (I have 3) and then that particular stall's
"owner" comes in.  It is just something I have taught them to do. Funny
thing is, if they are in the stalls when it is feeding time, they come out
and stand by their door, not their food dish.  When I boarded my first
horse, I alway had a halter and lead on him but he is a real gentleman,
never pushes or shoves.  I did the same routine as you have described.
Debi in Illinois

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