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Chocolate saddle

bad bad idea!! Women who would be PMS'ing would attack you for your saddle 
and then you would not have one to ride in. However you could get some 
advantage if you left it outside the night before and they O.D. ed on it!
Go with a gummy saddle you can stay in the saddle and it would move with the 
horse!! Chocolate... we all know that women can only survive the PMS days 
with pounds of it!
Carla (damn I couldn't have eaten 5lbs of gummys in two days!!)
Ansata (Dad took the gummys mom and wouldn't let me have any okay just one 
he let me have the pineapple one!)
Haley (Whoa dad thanks for the  gummy's??)
Rob (I swear I only meant to feed her one... I swear...she took the whole 
pan...look go check her poop!! she ate the pan..the entire pan!)
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