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Re: RC: wet weather riding

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I ride with a plastic cover on my helmet to keep the rain from getting
through those airvents in the helmet. (you can buy these anywhere).  IF
you can add a bigger visor to your helmet, the more rain you'll keep out
of your face.  Even if you don't usually ride in a helmet, I'd recommend
one for the slippery conditions caused by rain.  PLUS!  a helmet that's
strapped on cannot blow away in the wind :>

To keep me dry, an Australian oilskin duster, full length (stateline
tack) works pretty darn well.  Now that I have my fancy goretex jacket I
could ride in that as well, but I'm loath to get it anywhere near the mud
of the stables.

I usually ride in my old chaps since they do a pretty good job of keeping
my legs dry (and the oilskin jacket covers most of my legs) and keep me
stuck to the saddle (wet and slippery).  I've considered those Mountain
Rider rain pants/chaps.  They've been highly recommended (horse journal),
but I don't have the money for them right now. (available at Stateline)

Saddle - I either ride in my old saddle, or make really sure that my
jacket is covering most of the exposed parts of my saddle.  If the saddle
is well oiled, rain won't stain the saddle.  There ARE covers you can buy
to put on your saddle with slits for the stirrups to come through.  I
haven't tried those, since the idea of slipping around on a wet nylon
cover doesn't seem like fun.  I DO put my skeepskin cover on the seat of
the saddle - keeps me warm and dry and protects the saddle too.

Boots - waterproof ariats.  Right now is the best time of year to buy some
waterproofing cream and re-waterproof your boots.  There are some pretty
awesome boots sold out there (by Mountain Riders again) that you can buy
for extreme consitions (wet, cold, snow, mud, etc).

For the horse - I have a quarter sheet that's goretex on the outside and
wool on the inside that is WONDERFUL.  It keeps my boy dry, warm, and I
can even jump him in it with the tail loop on.  There are lots of these
guys out there ... look for one that is waterproof (some are merely
water repellent). I bought mine through either Stateline or Dover.
Bridle - it will get wet, so I ride in my old trail bridle.  If you like
and have that endurance plastic nylon tack (sorry, blanking on the
name...oh!  Biothane!) that is PERFECT for rain.  Just know that your
reins WILL get slippery in the rain, so pick a grip that will work
best.  Cotton/web will get soaked, leather will get slippery.  I pull out
an extra pair of plastic grip reins that work alright.

Gloves!  I haven't found the perfect pair of waterproof gloves yet.  I've
ordered a pair of weatherbeeta waterproof (yet to be tested) gloves from
either stateline or Dover that were new for this year (and only about

And that's about it!  Just be careful if you're out on the trails
... slipping can be a part of riding the rain, depending on the soil where
you live.  We have clay here (ewww) which is VERY slippery come winter.




On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, sharp penny wrote:

> Hi all!
> I'm an aspiring CTR rider and would like to know what do you recomend in the way of rain gear. (yes now it's just wishful thinking. Here in NE TX the ground is so dry there are cracks large enough to lose a foot or hoof in) Anyway back to the subject; having been a pampered show rider I've never ridden for any length of time in the rain. I need recomendations as to what you wear and where to purchase it. Also need recomendations for horse rain gear if any is needed.
> I can't wait to ride my "pony" in the rain. Boy will she be in for a big surprise!
> Thanks,   Penny
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