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20 Distance Horses at Auction on Sept 30 (UPDATE)

Another good reason to attend this event:

There are going to be some "famous" horses available for viewing:

Becky Hart's RO Grand Sultan -- 3 time World Champion, 2 time winner of
Race of Champions, 2 time Tevis winner and winner of 86 rides.  Julie
Suhr describes him as the "greatest horse our sport has produced."

Also there:

   Judy Reens' Benji+ -- 2000 Tevis winner

   Sea Dream (from Al Marah) -- winner of the 1995 Jim Jones Award

...and possibly more.

original note...
> If you are seriously looking for a Tevis/Endurance prospect and would
> like a chance to bid on one or more of the 20 at auction, or...
> If you whould like to hear Bazy Tankersley, Becky Hart, Hal Hall, Marion
> Schlinger or Julie Suhr present on some very interesting riding topics,
> or...
> If you would like a chance to win an entry to the 2001 Tevis Cup Ride
> and an array of other prizes...
> The West Coast Distance Riding and Trail Horse Sale & Mini Faire is being 
> held at the Cal-Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento, CA, starting at 8:30, 
> Saturday, Sept. 30.
> See for details and contact
> information.

/richard, teviswebguy

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