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LandH20/Conservation Fund

<If you've never called your Senator, you might try it today. 
The Land and Water Conservation Fund is supposed to support parks and
from revenues from offshore oil and gas extraction. Congress has
those funds for other uses for many years. Help get the LWCF funded again!
In California our senators are:
Diane Feinstein 202-224-3841
Barbara Boxer 202-224-3553
Judy Etheridge
Sunol, CA>>

Okay, I did it, I called Barbara Boxer's office, and a REAL LIVE person
picked up the phone (an intern, probably) and was more than happy to
discuss the situation. Told him about our sport of endurance riding, and
how we need 12 to 25 miles at a crack just for training for our 50- and
100-mile rides, and that trail ACCESS is also critical. He was quite
sympathetic, and said he would "pass the word along to the senator."
Gee, I feel very democratic! He also suggested calling Sen. Feinstein.
Thanks for the numbers, Judy.

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