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Re: RC: Re: Blowing and snorting endurance horses!

Funny this topic came up when it did. Julie (Rayna777) and
I went riding on Weyerhauser land behind my house a week
ago. She on her tall TB, me on my leased chubby pinto mare
with a 70 lb. collie running around. Julie was riding in
her son's BRIGHT blue full-length outback coat, chattering
as we went of course. (Horse-babble probably!) Around the
corner and there are 2 bowhunters standing on stumps
looking into the clear-cut. We stop and wait til they see
us, not wanting to spook something they've got spotted.
They say hi and mention they've been out there since 5 am,
no luck. As Julie and I ride closer and come around the
corner, we spot a deer on the edge of the clear-cut. (Where
our great white hunters had been staring for the past 3
min.) They seem slightly embarrassed that the "chicks on
horses" spotted their game for them and try to get a shot
off and miss. Anyway, that morning, we saw a total of 8
deer, came within 100 feet of two of them. No Camo, not
being quiet, dog with us, etc. Thinking of hiring ourselves
out as spotters or flushers!

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