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RC: experience or advice about riding with wrist in a cast


I did the same thing on my birthday in 1987.  Got bucked off a green horse 
and rolled over a metal panel of a round-pen.  Broke my left wrist.

I rode a fifty-miler the following weekend.  I found the cast only a minor 

If you know the terrain you are traveling; and are confident you can 
negotiate the obstacles with your handicap; and can maintain control of your 
horse, I'd go for it.

My best advice would be to ride with a group and let them know you'd like to 
impose on them to open/close all the gates.  That worked for me for most of 
my ride.  I did have to ride alone for part of the last loop and only had to 
open/close one gate.  That was not pretty and took a lot of time.  But, I 
was confident I could get the job done and did.

Good Luck,

Linda Van Ceylon
Fort Collins, CO

-------Tracey Zellmann---------wrote-----------------------
        RC: experience or advice about riding with wrist in a cast
        Sat, 19 Aug 2000 15:33:36 -0400

I had a fall Sunday, August 13, and my left wrist will be in a
cast for 6-8
weeks, until the end of September or mid-October. I would rather
not give up
riding for that long, so I am seeking advice or experiences from
anyone on
ridecamp who has faced a similar situation.
Any feedback would be welcome.

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