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Shelly wrote...

I remember seeing an ad for a horse named Dahman
Shawan (think thats how its
spelled). He is/was a bay egyptian arab stallion,
that I think is approved as
a trakhener. Does the CD show owners names? I'm
putting the horse before the
cart, as I don't even have a mare yet, but he's on
my list to check out.

I do know of this stallion. I have some literature
on him somewhere, plus I have seen 2 of his

He is about 20 years old now. His stud fee is
$2500. He was imported from Germany and I think
was bred at the Marbach Stud. In Germany he was
approved for Trakehener breeding, although after
seeing his gaiting scores and jumping scores, they
weren't very high. High enough to pass, though. I
saw a video on him and his movement is nice, his
jumping did not impress me as he jumps like "an
arab", not like a warmblood. His personality,
willingness to please, trainability were VERY
high. He apparently has a great temperament, and
the one gelding son I have seen is a super, super
horse in this category. Extremely personable,
loving and has very little spook in him. He does
however have  crooked legs and the owner is
concerned that he may/may not be able to do
endurance on him, though he is only 5 and she is
bringing him along slowly. She bought him from the
breeder and owner of Shawan (sp?). Not sure of
exact spelling but it's pronounced  "Shavahn".

The other offspring I have seen is a stallion and
his legs were straight. Not sure of his
temperament as he was acting like a typical
stallion and you couldn't get close to him. Rather
fine-boned (so is Shawan), but very pretty also. I
couldn't judge movement, but knowing this horse's
dam I would guess he's nice in this department.
(His dam is a large 15.2 arab that was a
hunter/jumper in her day).

Shawan is said to be 15.3. Neither of the 2 boys I
saw were  that big, the gelding at 5 is about 15
and will probably grow some more, mature,
whatever, and the stallion at 4 was around 15.1...
also with room to grow. Nice size horses

Anyway, Shawan is owned by Hanna Mar Arabians here
in Central Oregon. I can get the address if you
want as the gelding son I know well belongs to a
current friend.

Toni and Shagya O'Biwon
Central Oregon

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