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flight simulator

I am probably gonna be flamed like crazy here but I must I have to It is my is the Patrick Swayze Flight simulator. A friend sent 
this to me....Yeah I played it...So if you intend to flame me go ahead... I 
am used to it. But there again...IT is my OPINION so you can't change it. I 
will forwarn you if you are a Devoted fan of Patrick Swayze I will warn you 
not to go to this site. It is a flight simulator game that makes fun of the 
recent accident he had regaurding consuming alcohol and flying a plane. 
Again this may be offensive to the devoted fans out there. I have my delete 
key at the ready!!!
so here goes...

Yeah I played with one can of beer and I am a graduate...
carla (I feel sooo bad now....)
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