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Re: Rein hazards

> A.P.
>   I heard a real horror story at a party last week: a neigbors daughter
was killed while riding: she fell off, going over her horses head. somehow
in the process her head got through the reins, which pulled under her
helmet, snagging on the strap. Neither the reins nor the helmet strap
broke - she was dragged for half a mile by the helmet, and died of the
injuries.  I think she was 13?  A real freak accident.  Perhaps riding with
split reins is safer?  But it's easy to drop a rein - also dangerous.  How
about reins that join (at the rider's end, not at the bit attachment) with
velcro instead of buckles?

Bingo!  My sister and I have discussed this-making rope reins that were
split; and attatched with velcro or some sort of break-away system.  That is
not the first time I have heard of someone getting caught by their neck by
loop reins.......

I currently tie up on the triail with my rope reins, so would have to carry
an extra lead rope for tying....but then, THAT is a good safety idea anyway,
right?  To carry an extra leadrope to pony a horse out or whatever.


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