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Re: RC: HEEELLLP!!!!!!

In a message dated 08/18/2000 5:28:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Can anyone help here?  Suggestions as to what might be the prob or 
treatments to correct or any other ways to find out what is going on?
 This is extremely frustrating and I'm getting to the end of my 
rope.....can't afford to sink much more money into "maybe's".

My experience with a horse went like this:  sound at any gait, trotting 
briskly along on flat ground, then suddenly, from one step to the next, 
hopping on three legs.  This went on undiagnosed for 22 months until the vet 
did extensive X-rays and found a 1/4" bone chip floating around in the 
fetlock joint.  Every so often, the ship would lodge in the joint and cause 
the horse to go lame.  You might have your vet look for something like this.


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