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Re: endurance driving

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From: Michelle Fink <>
Subject: RC:  endurance driving
Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2000 8:48 AM

Please send me your hint, tips, etc. for enduring long drives alone.  May
have to haul my mare 12 hours to the CSU vet clinic this afternoon for
surgery on the abscessed hoof (the coronet's corium layer has remained
swollen and there is evidence of osteomyletis).  I am thinking of doing it
at night when it's cool and there is less traffic - ie. no RV's on Wolf
Creek Pass hopefully.  Will have to stop every 3-4 hours for a 1 hour break
for the horse.  Vet does not recommend a layover along the way.

Chocolate covered espresso beans?  Loud rowdy music?  No-Doze?  Tape
pictures of the radiographs to the dash (the mental image keeps me up at
night)?  You are the pros, how do I do it??


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