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pedal osteitis

Not quite endurance related, but there is such a network of knowledgeable 
folks subscribing to Ridecamp that I thought I'd ask for the gang's 
collective help on this one . . .   

Have a friend whose imported Danish Warmblood has been lame for over a year 
with what has been diagnosed as pedal osteitis.  Even on bute, he is sore, 
and she is struggling with the difficult financial and emotional decisions 
that are inevitable.

Does anyone have experience with this condition?  Possible treatments?

She has given some thought to donating him to a veterinary college research 
program, with some caveats regarding a reasonable end to his life should he 
begin to suffer considerably.

Does anyone know of any veterinary college programs conducting research on 
this, or similar degenerative conditions?  She is, of course, interested in 
him contributing as much as possible to future understanding of this 
condition.  The horse is located in New England.

Very sad to post this.  If you have information which is probably not of 
interest to the whole readership, please drop me a line privately at  I will make sure my friend gets all of the information.

Thank you, sincerely, in advance, for indulging my inquiry.


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