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pleasant dreams before a ride

>The entire ridecamp would lynch you if you did that at a ride since you'd
>have to run your generator to make the TV/VCR work!

Good point.  As I don't do endurance (yet) my pre-competition evenings are
spent at home.  A book would work as well, however.

>I take two Tylenol PM very early in the evening (like around 8:00) then
>till I get sleepy.

Hmm, I just don't get sleepy.  It's a real bind (for my husband, that is, I
quite enjoy it)

>This year my kids made fun of  my "morning after" Tevis sleeping for weeks
afterward.  They do
a really mean imitation of my breathing!

Evil little brats, aren't they.  I don't have kids, so that's not a problem.

>I finally got them to knock it off by threatening to bring out their naked
baby pictures the next time they had friends over (that threat works every

Hmm, the evil must be hereditary!


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