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Blue Mountain Rides in PA

OCTOBER 8 - BLUE MOUNTAIN TROT 25, DREHERSVILLE, PA:  Because of new logging
operations and loss of access trail, the Blue Mountain CTR and Endurance
Rides have moved again.  East of the previous site, Base Camp is located on
the privately owned showgrounds of Hawk Shadow Farm, near the famous Hawk
Mountain Sanctuary.  The trails are totally different from 1999's CTR and
the 2000 Endurance Ride, but still located on the Blue Mountain.  The
terrain is challenging with long climbs and descents. There are rocks of
course, and all the native PA wildlife, but plenty of good footing to make
time, and views to make the time enjoyable.  There are only 3 miles of
blacktop, and 2 miles of rough gravel road.  Included is a lovely river
crossing with easy access and good footing across.   Should heavy rain make
the crossing unsafe, an additional 2 miles of blacktop will be used.  Food
for hungry riders will be our traditional luscious Entenmann's snacks, plus
sandwiches, salads and rolls, vegetarian included, made by Tri-County
Arabian Club members. We feed volunteers, too, of course; please let us know
a week in advance so I can fit each volunteer to their preferred position.
We've added some improvements to our Star-Rated performance from last year.
Advance entries postmarked by Sept. 2 will get a $5 discount.  Ride may be
cancelled if sufficient early entries are not received. FMI:  Bridget
Brickson 610-489-1419;

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