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Pen for stallions

If I had a stallion I was taking to rides I wouldn't leave home without a
safety pen from Custom Iron Workers.  Monte and Nancy Mitts make them and they
are good quality and they use them at rides for their stallion and mare.  With
a hot wire on top they are so safe and easy to set up and take down and store
on your trailer.  I bought one for my hyper tall gelding and he felt right at
home and quit pawing like he did on the picket line or tied to the trailer.  I
never did have him get out of it and he ate and drank better at rides in his
pen. It makes a nice large pen and would hold two horses that get along good
together.  Mine are always too bossy to put in with another horse though.
I have never had a horse hurt in this pen and have had a couple hurt while on a
picket line tied to my trailer.  Custom Iron Workers has a web page and you can
get to it from the endurance web site.  Happy Trails,  Kathy

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