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Re: pleasant dreams before a ride

Hi, Colleen.

The night before a show or a trial, I am an absolute nervous wreck.  The
Crohn's kicks in with a vengeance, so my stomach and I become more intimate
than I would like, and I can't sleep at all either.  For years, I tried
everything to go to sleep, and then eventually I just decided to hell with
it.  Now I stock up with videos (hence the Buffy info request) and rice
cakes, and spend the night in front of the TV.  It helps me to relax, and I
sleep like a log the next night.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but it works for me.


>Now I don't know about you people but I just can't sleep the night before
>a ride. Its horrible I spend the hole night trying to get some shut-eye
>then by the time I need to  get up and ready to go I am so exhausted.
>The last ride I did I only got like 3 hours of sleep by the time I got in
>to the first vet check I laid down and slept while my crew worked away.
>I have tried everything from sleeping pill which make me groggy, to wine
>which makes me sick to my stomach. Any advice would be appreciated.
>Desperately seeking sleep
>Colleen K.
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