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Re: RC: Easyboots rubbing

As recommended by Garret Ford, owner of Easy Care, we cut the backs of
our easy boots off right down to the bottom at the back.  In addition,
we cut the top two "rows" off the strap to make sure it only contacts
the horn of the hoof at the back.

I thought the web page showed the cutting of the boot.  Note that the
instructions that come with the easy boot says to trim to the "line".
Not so.  Trim right down along the top of the strap until you are a bit
past the screws that hold the strap on, then dive straight down to the
base of the boot, go straight across then up the other side in the same

If you don't cut off the backs of the boots, they fill with little
rocks, sand, water, mud etc. and they can rub the heel bulbs or back of
the fetlock.  They are more or less self cleaning when cut all the way
down.  If we are using for long periods - i.e. - when not taking off
every day or two, we usually foam them on to keep debris out from under
the foot.

We also use pliers to flatten the spikes (metal prongs) so they do not
damage the hoof wall when we are putting them on and off regularly.  A
properly fit boot will stay on indefinitely without foam and without the
spikes as long as the strap is adjusted to a good secure fit. Also make
sure you have a proper foot trim.  A flat foot with too much horn is
more  difficult to fit than a trimmed foot, and the boots will not stay
on well.  And don't leave it on forever. They get visibly tighter as the
foot grows.

Good luck.

Wayne Delbeke

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