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Re: RC: Say a prayer for Sue Crews, she will be missed

In a message dated 8/11/00 8:48:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< A freak accident, yes.  Would a helmet have made a difference? You bet.  
Would she have still been injured? Maybe.  Would she still be alive today?  
Most assuredly.  So for those of you that waiver on the helmet issue or those 
of you that know someone that you want to get to wear a helmet, tell them 
this story.  It may or may not help but if it saves one life, then maybe Sue 
can still help someone.  She had the biggest heart in the whole world and I 
know that she would want this warning to go out.   >>
Just Saturday I was helping a good friend hook a draft horse I knew and had 
worked with, but that hadn't been hooked in two years. I refused to get in 
the buggy without my helmet. Many pictures were taken that afternoon, and I'm 
sure I looked like a geek being the only one with a helmet, but if that horse 
had freaked, i'd still be here writing this. Please wear your helmets every 
ride or drive, every time!
Becky in Fla

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