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Re: RC: soreness from rides

My dear Tina,

The soreness comes form trying to convince your horse that he really doesn't
want to go that fast - that is holding the sucker back from self destruction.
Soooooooooo let him go. If you live through it, he may get the idea that it
isn't all that much fun when you take him back out for the second 25.
AyyyyyyyRabbbbbbbbbs aren't the smartest creatures on this green earth, but
they do finally get the idea. Hopefully you live through the training process

On the other hand there is something to be said for better living through
chemistry. Ibuprofin early and often does work.


tina hicks wrote:

> Okay, guys I need to know your secrets....What do you do for your
> soreness after a ride? The only "trick" I know of is to take Ibuprofin
> early and often :).
> If you don't get sore after a ride I don't want to hear from you <bg>.
> Tina - who gets a bit sore after a ride no matter how much I've been riding
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