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Re: RC: Portable Corrals and Arabian Stallion


I use an electric fence, double white tape at the top & about a foot lower.  
I was lucky to find 48" poles.  I've used this system for 3 yrs of 
However . . .
I introduced my stallion to a stretch of electric tape in the middle of his 
pasture when he was a week old.  His dam & his gelding pasture mate are very 
respectful of the tape, so he also learned from them.
I also trailered him when he was 2 to a friend's house & set up inside a 
paddock area where he could see her horse 2 paddocks over and tested the 
system.  He was pretty excited, but respected the fence.  As he got older, I 
trailered out to meet friends & set up the fence.  His first couple of 
competitions he had his experienced dam with him.
The only problem I had was when another stallion got out of his metal fence 
(the owner didn't secure 2 of the panels together).  My stallion was the only 
other horse in the area so of course, we got a visit from the loose stallion. 
 Fortunately, no one got hurt, but that was quite a scare!
I tie yellow flagging tape on the poles to alert folks that a stallion is 
contained in the electric fence, always have a ribbon in his tail & also one 
tied under the halter.  I also am careful to park next to geldings and also 
check if my neighbors are ok with having a stallion next door.  Usually folks 
are ok, sometimes new riders would prefer not to have a stallion next door, 
but if the stallion behaves, you will soon find you are welcome at rides.

Good luck,

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