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ti's bet and Tying up

Hi All,

I have just returned home from 10 days in California studying with Donna
Snyder-Smith.  Yes, It was wonderful and I think we have solved some of
the biomechanical problems BUT one of those very frightening things
happened and I would really appreciate all your thoughts on the subject.

For years I have read about and thought about all the posts and
information on Tying Up--but only as one of those things that happens to
other people.  Now it has happened to my mare in real life and it was
alarming to say the least.  The thought of it happening again is very

Falon is an 8 year old purebred arab.  She is 15.3hh and is a powerful
and generally fit mare.  I purchased her from my friend Christy Janzen
in Canada.  She has done 50's and even a couple of 100's. I have had her
for 16 months.  She has excellent recoveries and with our junior team
had completed the Scipio Ride in lst place in great condition even
though the temperatures were approaching the 100 degree mark.

Falon and I left Utah on Thursday evening and trailered to Wendover
which is about 3 1/2 hours.  She stayed at the fairgrounds and ate and
drank normally.  I used electrolites, took her own hay (which is my
alfalfa and which she has eaten without problems for 16 months).  

We then traveled to Auburn on Friday and finally on to San Jose on
Saturday morning.  She had a nice corral and also enclosed area that are
similar to home.  She was a happy camper.  

We rode a hard, fun ride with friends in the Redwoods on Sunday and she
was alert and strong.  The humidity made us both soaking wet but her
recoveries were good and she could have done another 20 miles without

During the week, she got to rest in the mornings and only worked out in
the afternoons.  She has never been so "buddy-buddy" with me.  I joked
about the two of us traveling alone together more often as we were
really having a lot of fun.  Then on Friday afternoon, about 20 minutes
into a walk-trot session in the arena in 95 degree heat and sand, she
started to sweat profusely.  Donna noticed that before I even felt
anything.  As I stood talking to Donna about the sudden sweating,
Falon's legs started to tremble and she went absolutely stiff in the
hind end.  

The symptoms were classic.  It was all we could do to get her out of the
arena and onto the grass.  She was not in pain.  I started arnica and
aconite immediately.  I electrolited immediately and then I remembered
ti's bet.  I mentioned it to Donna and she had Carbocharge on hand.  We
gave her a dose.  I continued the arnica and aconite every 15 minutes
for 4 doses.  She was grazing peacefully and drinking but could not move
her hind end--particularly the right hind.  Finally Donna "limped" her
to a stall and turnout but she was not a lot better.  

This happened at 4:30 p.m..  At 11:00 p.m., she had urinated several
times, none were dark at all.  She ate and drank everything she was
given.  I had reached Grandpa Young and started her on the herbal
combination he suggested.  

I was just beside myself! And inspite of my aversion to painkillers, I
was prepared to have a vet use them if she showed any signs of pain. But
she didn't, she was just "tied up".  

We were supposed to leave the next morning and head back to Utah.  We
even have an LD ride with our junior scheduled for next week. I was
actually cancelling everything and evaluating options to stay longer.  

I went back to the stable at first light and Falon came running out to
meet me!  She was fine.  I was dumbfounded!  I have continued the herbs
and arnica.  I trailer her home and she did great.  She is running in
her pasture tonight--back to her old "I don't need a human" self.

I'll have my vet pull blood tomorrow.  This vet does whatever I ask but
is not knowledgeable about endurance horses and I'll bet he has never
seen "tying up".  CK should be what?  What else am I looking for?  Now
what do we do?  I never want this to happen again. I have reviewed a lot
of the archives now but cannot explain what resolved the tying up much
less how to keep it from reoccurring.

Thanks so much,

Joane White, Falon and the Herd
Price, Utah

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