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Thanks to everyone who answered me privately or through ridecamp about 
garlic.  The repeated suggestion was to start with a tiny bit and work up . . 
. but I tried that and as soon as the amount added to the grain reached a 
certain level (that level was less than HALF what "Springtime's" directions 
recommended) the horses began eating their grain reluctantly.  This bothered 
me because meal time is the high point of a horse's day, and I don't want my 
horse's "high point" ruined for them by food they don't like.   Darling, 
dancing David, the horse I BOUGHT the stuff for, due to his sensitivity to 
insect bites, soon began turning his nose up if he smelled even a little 
garlic in there.  He's always been a very finicky eater, dang it.  A call to 
Springtime brought the advice to make molasses balls of grain and molasses, 
with a dab of garlic on the inside, and hand feed them to the horses.  Not 
very helpful advice, as my family hits "Taco Bell" two or three times a week 
because I don't always have the time to cook, so I don't think I'm going to 
be out in the barn making pan fulls of molasses balls for the horses.
     Wish I could find a way to get them to eat it though . . . I've still 
got more than half a 25 lb tub of the stuff . . . (maybe I'll just make lots 
of garlic bread this winter . . . when I have time to cook . . .)

Trish & King David,
Grand Blanc, Michigan
Never be afraid to try something new.
Remember, amateurs built the Ark.
Professionals built the Titanic.

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