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reasons to wear...

10 reasons to wear a helmet from your horse
1) so you will be able to feed me.
2) so you will be able to groom me.
3) so we can enjoy the ride.
4) so we can go to more interesting places the trail doesn't have
5) did I say so you can feed me?
6) so you can scratch that itch for me.
7) so you can feed me...whups I said that two other times.
8) so you will look cool like the other crome domes out there.
9) that feeding thing again.
10) oh and you can give me treats.

10 reasons from your significant other to wear a helmet
1) money.. its cheaper than repairing your head all the time.
2) so we can live our lives to the complete fullest
3) so i don't have to feed you.
4) so i don't have to bathe you.
5) so I don't have to watch you 24 hours a day
6) so you can hold your children
7) so you can hold your grandchildren.
8) so you can hold me.
9) so i can hear you love me
10) because i love you.

10 reasons from your doctor to not wear a helmet.
1 buffy my daughter needs braces
1a she needs an entire face lift SHE didn't get that face from MY side of 
the family!
2 viagra aint cheap even at MY discount
3 medical malpractice insurance isn't cheap either
4 golf fees are a bitch
5 Mid life crisis I have to support my mistress
6 my beamer needs a tuneup
7 to put MY kid through medical school cause with her looks she aint gonna 
find a rich lawyer..
8 so we can try out cool equipment we haven't before
9 we need a new addition to the ER room
10 we need a new doctors lounge complete with full service bar.

this is strictly an opinion of humor those who find this offensive..oh well 
its my take!

Carla (flame proof today!)
Ansata ( up the red truck!!)
haley (if I had thumbs I could attach the hose!!)
Rob *looking to sky for missles*

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