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Re: Rain dance....

Just wanna know : do you do this thing naked, or is there some kind of
ceremonal robe you wear?  And do you need a beard?

Just wondering....


>okay ridecampers...rain dance boogie time with no lightning
>ah one ah two ahhhh cha cha cha
>here you go..
>step left step right..step front step back and shake the booty
>step right step left step back step front and shake the booty
>turn to your left...
>look up to the sky and wave your arms back and forth bend at the waist and
>take three steps back...
>snap your fingers and start alll over....
>best done to
>ZZ Top and the song TWO STEP BOOGIE
>Carla (doing the rain dance boogie)
>Ansata (GAWD mom you are embarrassing me!)
>Haley (yeah mom go go go lookin good shake that booty!)
>Rob (Tae BO?)
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