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Re: I took a licken and kept a ticken

Carla--You are one lucky lady, don't you know?  It's very good news that you
are alive, that nothing REALLY serious got broken, bent, or irreparably
damaged, and that you will recover to ride again!  (With a helmet, right?)

I had a bad fall the first weekend in Nov., ponying a horse, both were
spooked by a bear and I got pulled off and dragged between the 2 running

I have a full time very efficient guardian angel, and I was wearing my
helmet altho I didn't hit my head.  I had badly pulled/sprained/torn muscles
in pelvis and groin and an exceptionally painful and STILL sore and bruised
left butt.  But nothing broke, I could not walk at all but was able to get
back on (my horses are trained to stand still in a ditch or near a log for
me to mount) and ride the 4 miles out of the mountains.  I was alone--never
again will I pony alone--that's too much horse power if something goes bad.

 And the good news is that I'm now able to ride  again--at a walk for about
20 minutes-- but it's a start and I'll be back out there competing in the

Take care and heal quick

So. Oregon

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