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RE: Howard

Relax - I didn't kick Howard off - I've never kicked anybody
off. The list has had some sporadic problems, and a lot of folks
haven't been able to post for various reasons. Howard - the email
gods must be angry.


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Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2000 9:34 AM
Subject: RC: Re: Froze My Butt Off


It appears from Howard's posts, that you have FINALLY kicked him
off Ridecamp. He probably hadn't paid his dues but If a refund is due
him, several us will be glad to send the $10.

I realize that he can still post as a guest, but I hope you will censure
his contributions so my children can again read Ridecamp. (The youngest
child is 34 and the eldest 47 so you can appreciate what a problem this has
been for me.)

Several weeks ago, a member posted a message to the effect that all
her posts were being returned. In jest I told her that nobody wanted to
talk to her anymore and added "<vbg>". Several friends of hers who did
not understand "<vbg>" emailed m privately to ask "what she had done
*THIS* time"!

I am sure this will not happen in Howard's case.

Congratulation on the great job you are doing for the Endurance
Community, and in keeping the Drunks and Perverts off Ridecamp.

John and Meshack (It warmed up to minus four today) (Vermont Equestrian Activities)
Secretary/Treasurer Vermont Arabian Horse Association


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