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RE: Call Me Nosey

Barbara and Sandy:

While most every one considers the event in Reno to be a Convention, in
reality it is the American Endurance Ride Conference Annual Meeting.

Barbara, I will take you to task for the comment <<<But then I must be there
to attend board meetings>>> In my opinion that should be your primary reason
for attending. The <<< Very informative speakers, lots of contact with other
riders from all over the country, absolutely fabulous trade show,>>> should
be secondary to the annual meeting.

If attendance at the annual meeting is sparse, as it has been in the past,
then the membership is indicating there is little interest in the
organization. The membership is content to "let *** do it". Then the
membership must be silent if things are not to their liking.

It is the responsibility of every member to express their opinions at the
Annual Meeting so the Board can direct the Management of AERC into the
proper channels.

I encourage ALL members to attend the Annual Meeting and make their thoughts
known to the Board.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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<< I just was many Californians are going to the Convention?
 you consider it a LUXURY or something really beneficial, or....think, think
 so I can get the time off AND convince the spouse! >>

It's a wonderful experience!  Very informative speakers, lots of contact
other riders from all over the country, absolutely fabulous trade show, and
the convention really jump starts your endurance year.  You'll go home all
pumped up with ideas of how to ride better, feed and condition your horse
better.  I've never missed a convention since I don't know when.  (But then
must be there to attend board meetings).  I would consider it highly
beneficial, not just a luxury.  And probably lots of Californians will be
going.  I don't know the percentage, but the fact that the site is so close
for us the percentage will be high.  It's complicated and expensive for
riders in the east to come here, but they do come.  Many arilines do not fly
into Reno without a connection into another hub, so someone from Iowa, for
example, has to fly into San Francisco, then transfer to Reno. That's what I
mean by complicated.


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