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Re: RC: horse jobs

>Hi, I was just wondering if any of you have jobs with horses. 
>(writing a funny article for trailblazer like angie)

Hi Renee,

As a person who is very happy with the choices they've made, I'm going to
tell you how I came to make them.  Horses were always number one with obsession. At one time I thought I wanted to make a living with
them.  Fortunately for me, I met several people who were trying while I
was in my teens.  Without fail, they were constantly having to wheel &
deal, scrambling for a buck.  Some were dishonest, I don't think by
choice, but out of desperation.

Then I got a job at a jumping horse farm as a groom.  I loved the work. 
They had to make me take days off. BUT when I got home I didn't feel like
taking care of my own horses.  I was tired of taking care of horses. 

Like most young horse crazy girls I considered being a vet.  Besides not
being smart enough in science related courses,  I really didn't want to
work that hard.  I didn't want to be that important to people.  If I want
to quit working, I don't want it to affect many people.  I also don't
like not being able to have a day off when I want one.

 I thought it over and decided, horses are what I love.  I want to keep
it that way.  I don't want to depend on them for a living.  My "second
choice" was Art.  I was always the artist of my class and was pretty good
at what I did.  I went to college and majored in Art Ed.  I didn't piddle
around.  I kept my momentum up and got though with school as fast as
possible. I wasn't there for fun, just to get that diploma so I'd never
sit around and consider going back to school.

Now that my girls are in school, I've taken a full time job teaching Art
in my old high school.  I get off work at 2:15 every day, have summers,
two weeks at Christmas, practically every major holiday, snow days and
spring break off.  13 off days per year to use as I choose (the principal
is supportive of my competing)  I make more money than I ever could have
made working with horses, and when I get home every day I'm happy to see
them.  I don't have boarders hanging around my place.  I don't have to
kiss up to clients. 

The writing for TB is fun, and helps pay a few entries per year, but I
sure couldn't live on it.  I'm starting to have a few other offers, but
it's still just some "extra" money.  Others may tell you otherwise, but
to me it was best not to mess up my love for horses and riding by mixing
it with surviving financially.


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