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RC: message format and Endurance News

In a message dated 01/17/2000 1:33:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< Also, I keep hearing about interesting articles in Endurance News.  Is it
 possible, and worthwhile, to subscribe to that from overseas without being a
 member of the American endurance riding association?  (it's not on-line
 somewhere, is it?) >>

Quoted from the front of Endurance News:

"Endurance News is sent without charge to AERC members as a benefit of 
membership in AERC.  Subscriptions are also avaiable to non-members for $40 
per year within the United States and $50  in Canada and Mexico.  For those 
in other countries, subscriptions are available for $80.  Single issues are 
$4 U.S." 

EN is not online.

Barbara McCrary
West region director

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