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RC: Re: Re: ridecamp-d Digest V00 #16

They do have a universal scanner now and i know that they work, because i
had the use a scanner for the home again chip on my horse who was chipped
with an AVID chip and it did work. All most all the companies have completed
scanners that can read all the different chips.

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> I KNOW this subject has been brought up in the past, but one microchip
does NOT
> scan with the same equipment from another manufacturer... So what is the
> I prefer VISIBLE markings.....
> teddy
> > <<  A chip can identify a horse if someone knows to look for the
> >  chip,
> >  and has the gear to check.  Many sale yards don't. >>
> >
> > In Washington, all auction yards, veterinarians, sales barns, you name
> > are required to scan all horses coming through for microchips. I believe
> > the 'killers' are required to scan horses, too.
> > Microchipping is cheap insurance. ALL my animals are chipped, not just
> > horse.

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